France Surgery

CBS SF Bay Area Highlight Costly U.S. Healthcare Issues

Posted on: 24/07/2014

We recently wrote a post about the increasing number of Americans who are coming to France for their surgical needs. Since then, the same story has also been featured by CBS SF Bay Area who have further sought to highlight the plight of many Americans seeking alternatives when it comes to medical treatment.

To recap, Bruce Ryan is a construction manager in Northern California. He found himself suffering from a painful rotator cuff injury that was making him increasingly debilitated. After talking with his firm’s health plan Director, Jack Norton, Bruce Ryan was presented with a rather appealing proposition: travel abroad and have his surgery.

After carrying out some research, Bruce opted for Toulouse in France to have his surgery. Not only did he get to spend three weeks in one of the most beautiful countries in the world but he successfully underwent corrective surgery at the same time.

The best part of all was the costs savings that were realised – he didn’t pay a single dime. In fact, $7,000 worth of deductibles and excesses were waived. Furthermore, his employer benefitted from savings of $12,000 – roughly 35 per cent of the cost of the treatment in California.

Ryan said, “They did an excellent job,” but he is disappointed that American patients are forced to look abroad for healthcare solutions because U.S. hospitals aren’t doing enough to secure their patronage.

You can read the full CBS SF Bay Area scoop here and also watch the accompanying news video.