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  • Average life expectancy to exceed 90 by 2030

    Posted on: 23/02/2017

    South Korean women will become the first people in the world to have an average life expectancy above 90, according to a new study published in The Lancet. The study, conducted by Imperial College London and the World Health Organisation, analysed the lifespans of people living in 35 industrialised countries. In… read more »

  • BMI Wrongly Labelling People Unhealthy, Finds New Research

    Posted on: 21/02/2017

    Half of people labelled ‘obese’ because of their body mass index (BMI) scores are actually healthy, according to new research, bringing into question the validity of the scoring system. Scientists claim the BMI scoring system is wrongly labelling millions of people ‘unhealthy’ when, in fact, they are actually much healthier… read more »

  • Cooking rice the wrong way could be endangering your health

    Posted on: 16/02/2017

    By simply cooking rice the wrong way, millions of people worldwide could be endangering their lives, scientists believe. That’s because rice contains traces of the poison arsenic, which stems from industrial toxins and pesticides that can remain in the soil it grows in for decades. In fact, rice contains about 10-20… read more »

  • A Mediterranean diet with lashings of virgin olive oil may help protect the heart

    Posted on: 14/02/2017

    A Mediterranean-inspired meal with lashings of virgin olive oil may help to protect your heart, according to new research. Cholesterol is carried around the blood by two different types of molecules called lipoproteins: low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). You’ll most likely know LDL as “bad cholesterol”. That’s because high levels of… read more »

  • Misophonia: Why eating sounds enrage some people

    Posted on: 09/02/2017

    Does the sound of people eating or breathing elicit a response from you that’s perhaps a little over the top? If so, you’re not alone and scientists have now discovered why some people react this way. There’s far more to the condition – misophonia – than simply disliking noises such as… read more »